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My journey through this life and through the spiritual veils have been an incredible one. I learned so much about life, death and the soul that my mission is very simple, I want to pass along some of the knowledge gained to others who are walking a similar path and to encourage those on a similar path to continue down the beautiful path to self discovery. 


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The Mystic's Heart

Peace is the love affair between you and the divine. It's  a gentle whisper in the soul letting you know you are not alone. A gentle kiss that fuels the fire of passion  and strength.It's the gentle stroke of the fingers that wipe away the tears of pain. It is the rebirth of the soul that resurrects only within it's death.

What is Mysticism?

   Let me start with what Mysticism is NOT. Mysticism is not a religion. It is neither Christian nor pagan. It is not gypsies sitting on the side of the road ready to give predictions or casting curses on you. Though many Mystic's may fall under these categories and many more, Mysticism is a beautiful journey of self discovery, discovery of the world around you, discovery of the unseen, discovery of the Divine and of self. It's a journey of finding your place in this world.  more....
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